Select the 3D content that you find interesting. Move the mouse to browse the content, and you will experience real and fantastic 3D effect. Be prepared to be shocked by technology!

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Online Services

OTA Intuitive presentation of the scenic spots to increase efficiency in decision-making
TVBox Small box to accommodate a big world. It allows you to travel around the world without going outside
Comprehensive Website Perfect embedment of virtual tour that connects you with the world

Offline services

travel agency Intuitive experience to bring you the world and help you choose between travel destinations
airline Virtual travel experience to help you make better travel plans by using fragmented time on the airplane
VR offline New media to bring you cool experience by traveling between spaces and makes traveling alive


The 3rdplanet( the world’s largest 3D tour new media. Through interactive 3D technology, it demonstrates the top tour destinations in every country. The purpose is to let tourists browse in advance about the scenic spots in the world through 3D interactive means which is audible, visual and tactile, and bring them closer to the world. The 3rdplant employs the world’s most advanced Web3D technology, and rebuilds the tourism landscape through virtual scenes. It is dedicated to create more “real” experiences for users to learn about and interact with the world. People can use personal computer, tablet PC, cellphone and TV to connect with the world’s views.